Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ditagged lagi..wawawawawa

salam...ai korang *uhuk uhuk uhuk*
bru beberape ari tinggal...berhabuk uh...sorry guys....tetiba mood nak update dal ilang jer...hehe...
okay...kali ni saya kna tag oleh kawan kita, atul...thanks ek...aku sedar jah xpi not in mood time 2....lalalalalalala~
jom kita terjah okay ;)

*instruction: once u r tagged, answer all the questions honestly.....*

name: natasya
full name: siti aisyah zakaria
eye colour: dark brown
height:163 cm...
what u wearing just now: blouse and skrit

~have u ever been~

broken bones: nope
been in police car: nope
fallen for a guy/girl in a short of period time: yup
swam in the ocean: nope
fallen asleep in a school : wahhhhhh.....always....macam dah wajib kot....melainkan subjek 2 minat abes...hahahahaha
broken someone heart: yeah
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone call: errmmm...nope..sbab tido xsdar dunia..wakakakaka
saved emails: wah...that's not my habit....paling xpom biar jah dlam inbox 2....hahaha
been cheated: idk..ye kot....

your room look like what: an ordinary other room
what is right beside u: nothing
what is the last thing u ate: bihun goreng

*ever had*
chicken pox: yup siap ader parut g2....
sore throat: hell yeah...penyakit yg slalu kna counter all time....kalau abai,sakit jawapannye...hehehe
stitches: nope

*do u*
believe in love at first sight: ermmmm......50/50...hahahaha
like picnics: yes...especially when with my family or my special ones ;)

did u last yell at: entah...xingat plak....hahaha
who the last person u dance with: nope
who last make u smile: my family

*final question*
what r u listening just now: Lies-Big Bang at Youtube
what r u do today: kemas umah, tolong my mom...hehe
r u the oldest: nope but sometimes need to act like the oldest =D
indoors or outdoors: both

*last person who*
u talked to on the phone: my TTM
make u cry: someone
u went to the mall with: my family and friends
who cheered u up: family and friends

*have u*
been to Mexico: no
been to USA: no

what book u read now: twilight saga: new moon (xabes lg bace..hehehe)
best felling in the world: become success and makes my family proud
future kid name: akmal hazwan (tetiba jah..hahahaha)
do u sleep with stuffed animal: no
what's under ur bed: nothing
favourite sport: soccer,badminton
favourite place: beach and home
do u have a job: nope
what time is it now: 3.59 pm

okay...penat sih.....hua33
kali nak tag sape ek.....


sila2 lah jawab occay...hahahahaha

one love.one heart.one life for sure =)


rabiatul said...

thanks, dear ^_^

Redbloodsnow said...

rajin nyerrrrr sya buat tag. akak gak weh yg kemalasan. byk tag org akak x buat2...hehe

natasya said...

atul: my pleasure....
kak zie: hahahaha~~same goes to me...banyak kot...xterbuat lagi....