Thursday, May 27, 2010

starlight tears......

From the first time we met, I knew we would be friends
You had a different air than others that I knew
I am also alone in this world I’ve come to know
Finally, I’ve met someone like you

I know that I might’ve been a bit cold at times
But that was just the way I dealt with all my fears
You took the first step to show I don’t have to be alone
And now I, I know I love you

I will be waiting for you
Don’t care how long it may take
I will always be right here
When you need to laugh or cry

You let me know
When you are ready to love
And I will rush to your side
To sweep you into my arms

Maybe one day you’ll know the love that I’ve kept inside
I know love comes with pain; it’s so hard to erase
All that I’m asking is for you to let me stay here
Don’t be scared; you can lean on me

Repeat Chorus

I know I’ve found the one when I look into your eyes
I will wait by your side till you can give me your heart

Repeat Chorus lah lagu starlight tears yg di"translate" kan dalam BI...huhuhuhu....agak sedih lirik dier....

huhuhuhu~entahlah...rase macam terkena batang idung sendiri la plak....

xpelah.....if jodoh 2 ader..xkan larinyer...cme xdatang seru lagi.....

entah...aku ni setia sgat kot....

cme..aku slalu doa..if ader guy dkat out there yg really for me....


dah x sanggup terluka sendiri.....

one life for sure =)

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